Mention five adjectives showing personal characteristics!

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The adjectives are all about the description of a noun. It can be about the general impression, the surface, the physical appearrance, personality, the condition etc. It can be various depending on the purpose.


When one talks about personal characteristic, it is still unclear whether about physical appearance or personality. However, here are the examples of two of them

Adjectives on physical appearance (in bold) and personality (in underlined)

  • Gorgeous which means ‘very beautiful’ and confident which means ‘believe in one self’. The example: Her sister might be chatty but she is so gorgeous and very confident.
  • Muscular which means ‘strong with visible muscle like an athlete’ and quiet which means ‘does not talk much.’ The example: Bernardo looks too muscular for a footballer but he’s a quiet man.’
  • Heavy which means ‘fat’ and observant which means ‘like to observe the situation before acting.’ The example: People say I’m a heavy observant dude in the workplace.
  • Plump which means ‘heavy but still looks attractive’ and patient which means ‘never or hardly ever lose control.’ The example: Myra might be plump but she’s very patient in dealing with all the issue at work. No wonder she’s the people’s favourite.
  • Slim which means ‘in an ideal physical figure for female’ and tough which means ‘strong in mentality’. The example: Clarice is not just a slim model but she’s a tough cop as well.

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