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get maximum results there are several ways that required the
installation of building materials , so that the obtained results are
good finishing and elegant looks. The following tips and tricks how to install the material .

Installation Method :
1 . After urug compacted soil until it is completely solid concrete rebate comparison disiapkandengan 1pc : 3PS : 5kr , 8cm thick .
2 . Wood glue is the second layer approximately 0.5 cm thick .
3 . Boards placed over the glue , and the rest of the expansion is approximately 1/2-5/8 inch from the wall .
4 . Then hammered by 2 to 3 spikes .
5 . Fininshing memlitur on wooden floors with wooden floors have been installed .

Installation Method :
Installation of glass block that has been plastered on the walls is by using white cement + species of white glue . The installation such as bricklaying by adding grout earlier species .

Installation Method :
Installation of ceramic wall starting from the ground up . The use of rope is needed to straighten out the installation . And also the use of a water right.
Species are used for ceramics is 1pc : 3PS . While the grout is
used to close the distance between the ceramic is adapted to color ceramics . If white ceramic 1pc ( white cement ) : 3kp : 5ps . As for the other mixtures used for ceramic colored dye .

How to install :
to the installation of wall paper , which has been plastered walls are
given a wooden frame to hold the plywood to prevent water seeping into
the plywood directly . Distance wood frame depends on the size of plywood used . Once installed by nailing plywood on the wood frame , ready to be installed with wall paper glue on the plywood giving . And wall paper ready to be paired .
Another way if it is not coated with a special glue plywood that is prepared wall paper with clean water . For 125 gr special glue mixed with 4 liters of cold water . This mixture is enough to put 7-8 roll wallpaper . Then measure the surface area , create a line extends vertically and use the bobble strap that perfectly straight line . Put a piece of wallpaper upside down on the floor , and brush glue , more edge section . Then brush the glue on the wall also to be closed . Put the wallpaper starting at the top and level the surface with mica , rub it up and down so the rest of wasted water .

Installation Method :
Laying parquet preceded by membrane affixed with a special glue on the concrete rebate . Membrane serves to attach the parquet floor with perfect precision and thus can more easily shift does not occur .

Installation Method :
tile floors after the ground litter discarded to avoid pelesakan , then
covering, with sand and pounded pretty solid about 15 cm . After the installation of floor tiles bo
leh done by giving species thick approximately 2 – 3cm is 1pc : 0.5 kp : 5ps or 1pc : 3PS . Once installed along berapatan natnya , floor tiles and then polished with a polishing machine that flat surface .

Installation Method :
Installation is similar to marble floor tile installation . What distinguishes marble were given rebate concrete so that water does not seep into the pores of the marble . For customized with color grout marble .

Installation lumbresiring , before mounted adjustable humidity around it . Nailing is done from the inside , meaning inside so as not to be seen from outside .

To be attached to either the wall plamir mixture used is glue and cement . Can also be glue and CaCO3
Finishing after diplamir 1 glue : white cement added can 3CaCO3 half
heavy glue , can only be done after a painting truly dry .

asbestos ceiling
Installation of ceiling asbestos in wood frame 5/7 that has been installed . The
first asbestos drilled with the appropriate drill bit for nail 1 “is.
Ceiling intact asbestos used in the middle, while the rest of it is put
alongside . If needed trim the edge of the ceiling associated with the
wall needed glue + powdered gypsum is smeared on the edge of the
installation in order to finish more smooth and neat .

Gypsum ceiling / kalsiboard
Stages gypsum ceiling installation / kalsiboard :
1 . Mounting frame .
2 . Installation of gypsum / kalsiboard .
3 . Compounded with a cornice which serves to eliminate / disguise the connection
4 . Diplamir which serve to smooth / flatten / cover porous section .
5 . Sanded .
6 . Painted .

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