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Going to SchoolOn Monday at 05:30, I was preparing to leave home for school. Because the routine ceremony was always held at that day, then I had to go early so I would not be late. After wearing uniforms and breakfast in the morning, I went to school.I was always riding a motorcycle when going to school because my house was very far and there was no public transportation. When riding my motorcycle, I saw a hole on the end of the road. The road was so wet and I had to be careful. I did not want to slip and fall. But unfortunately, in front of me there was a car that ran pretty fast and he passed the hole, a suddenly ” Cratttt “, a spurting water wetting my uniform.I was so upset and headed to a mosque to clean my uniform in the bathroom of the mosque. I wore white clothes and now it got dirty and wet. But I did not give up, and I went on to school. 10 minutes later, the rain came down and it seemed that was an inhibiting for me to learn in the school. I was forced to take shelter in a shop porch.The rain fell for only 15 minutes, after the rain stopped, I went on the trip. I did not want to be late but the third barrier seemed made me cry. My tire was in a problem. I had to stop in a tire patched shop and wait for 20 minutes to allow the motor to be driven back.Finally, I was able to get to school, and as I predicted that the school gate was closed so I could not enter. I then told to security guard all the things that I had experienced. Due to the security was so kind, he then let me enter the school.That was my experience when going to school. I will never forget it.

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